Međunarodni seminar
Poboljšanje kvalitete
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International Course
on Olive Oil
Quality Improvement



Course Secretary

Sunday, 14 December
18.00 Registration
21.00 Cocktail reception for participants
Monday, 15 December
08.00 Registration
10.00 Welcoming address - national authorities
10.30 Coffee break
Session 1 Olive growing & olive oil production
11.00 Olive growing in the world - IOOC
11.30 Agronomic programmes and present situation of olive growing in Croatia - S. Perica, F. Strikic, J. Rosin
Session 2 Agronomic & environmental factors influencing olive oil quality
12.00 Olive oil policies in Mediterranean countries and Euro-Mediterranean cooperation - M. Marghi
13.00 Lunch break
15.00 Influence of genetic resources on quality - I. Metzidakis
16.00 Plant and soil/water environmental interaction in olive farming - R. D'Andria
  Codes of Good Agricultural Practices in olive growing: efects on productivity and quality
16.45 Irrigation - R. D'Andria
17.30 Design of new orchards & pruning - A. Tombesi
18.30 Coffee break
Tuesday, 16 December
Session 3 Olive oil processing technology and quality
09.00 Influence of olive harvesting, transportation and pre-processing storage on quality - I. Metzidakis, A. Tombesi
10.00 Phytosanitary protection - T. Jardak

Description of olive processing technologies implemented and olive oil quality
Situation today; plans for the future in Croatia - M. Gugic, M. Zanetic

11.30 Olive oil extraction technology, new olive oil extraction methods and quality - L. Di Giovacchino
12.00 Coffee break
12.15 Comparative studies on olive oil processing methods - results obtained - L. Di Giovacchino
12.45 Olive oil storage, packing and labelling - L. Di Giovacchino
13.15 Discussion
14.00 Lunch break
Wednesday, 17 December
09.00 Quality criteria applicable to olive oils: physico-chemical and organoleptic methods of analysis - M. Lazaraki
10.30 Coffee break
11.00 IOOC method for the organoleptic assessment of Virgin Olive Oil: Practical demonstrations - M. Lazaraki
13.00 Lunch break
15.00 Visit to the Institute for Adriatic Crops and Karst Reclamation
16.30 Visit to the "Antonio Trade"
17.20 Visit to the SMS laboratory
Thursday, 18 December
Session 4 Quality & marketing
09.00 The world olive oil market - IOOC
Institutional framework 
09.30 Changes in the processing sector in the pursuit of better quality - M. Villen
10.30 Coffee break
11.00 Current position of the world table olive market: institutional framework, recent trends in demand and most usual types and styles - A. de Mora
12.00 Differentiation and quality strategies
Business differentiation strategies
and quality concepts
Quality enhancement and certification:
designations of origin - M. Parras Rosa
13.00 Lunch break
15.00 Panel discussion: The quality factor in olive oil marketing. Perspectives and future trends - M. Parras Rosa, IOOC, S. Perica, M. Villen
  Summary and conclusions
  Award of diplomas
Friday, 19 December
 08.00 Technical visit (orchards and olive oil mills)
Saturday, 20 December
Sunday, 21 December
  Departure of participants